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The POLAR STAR multiplier events will be a one day event for teachers and the participants will receive a certificate of participation. Prior to the event, teachers will receive ample information and training materials so they can familiarize themselves beforehand. Each training will have 3 main parts:

POLAR STAR in action: Participants will be invited to step into the shoes of their students and work directly with some of the POLAR STAR activities. 

Why arctic research and space?: Starting from their experience with the activities from the previous part, the organizers will demonstrate how arctic research and space related activities can be very effective and powerful tools towards increasing students’ interest in and appreciation of science. 

The POLAR STAR methodology: Participants will be invited to collaborate and work in groups to carry out a series of hands-on activities in order to get a deeper understanding of the tools and concepts presented. Hands-on activities will include the familiarization of participants with the idea of inquiry learning and design thinking as well as art practices like Personal Geography. Participants will also take part in activities designed to present the ‘Science as a whole’ approach, how it can be communicated in everyday teaching, and the use of the Science WAND tool.

 After the workshop, the project partners will invite schools to become POLAR STAR schools and stay in touch with them so as to fully support and facilitate them in using the POLAR STAR ideas in their school.

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Fri, 01/10/2021 to Sun, 31/10/2021


POLAR STAR European Project


POLAR STAR aims to bring together state-of-the-art learning pedagogies and combine them with exciting activities that focus on contemporary science, thus helping teachers to introduce STEAM successfully in their class. At the same time the project will focus on the development of students’ key skills and competences as well as deepening their knowledge of fundamental science principles, increasing their appreciation of science and technology and their role in todays’ societies. POLAR STAR aims to offer an open and innovative training framework to teachers of primary and secondary education which will focus on:

  • Promoting the 'Science as a Whole' concept;
  • Promoting a holistic STEM educational approach;
  • Promote the introduction of contemporary science activities in schools;



YLIOPISTONMAKI 20014, Turku Finland

Phone:+35 850 339 48 23

Email: polar-star@ea.gr