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Background Information: 

Brief Description: A group of science deniers has become increasingly dangerous. In an effort to prove their claim that all space missions are in fact a lie they are destroying tangible evidence and samples past missions have brought back to Earth. Your mission is to enter a secret NASA/ESA lab before them and retrieve a valuable sample of Martian soil that is believed to have proof of living organisms on Mars. To retrieve the valuable sample, you will need to follow the steps of a Martian mission. Your equipment allows you to carry back only one Martian sample so you will need to make sure that you pick the right one! The secret lab locks automatically once someone enters. To leave the lab you will need to enter a password. The password is the name of the mission that retrieved the valuable sample.

How does the lesson relate to STEAM education: This activity is a full STEAM activity that challenges students to solve different riddles and challenges to unlock the escape room. Riddles and challenges include elements from Science, Mathematics and Technology and Engineering. The Art element of the activity is the architecture of the escape room itself.

Age Range: 12-14, 14-16, 16-18
Didactical Hours: 45-min (1 didactical hour)

Learning objectives: To solve the challenges students will need to:

-  use basic knowledge from Science, Mathematics and Technology and Engineering

- deploy their problem solving, cirtical thinking and creativity skills

- collaborate and work together

Relation to the Big Ideas of Science:

Energy > Energy in chemical reactions > Energy in organisms: One of the challenges is related to how organisms produce energy.

Forces > Forces and Motions > 2-dimensional motions: One of the challenges is related to the orbits of Earth and Mars

Universe > Earth and the solar system > Earth and other planets: The escape room is related to Mars.


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POLAR STAR aims to bring together state-of-the-art learning pedagogies and combine them with exciting activities that focus on contemporary science, thus helping teachers to introduce STEAM successfully in their class. At the same time the project will focus on the development of students’ key skills and competences as well as deepening their knowledge of fundamental science principles, increasing their appreciation of science and technology and their role in todays’ societies. POLAR STAR aims to offer an open and innovative training framework to teachers of primary and secondary education which will focus on:

  • Promoting the 'Science as a Whole' concept;
  • Promoting a holistic STEM educational approach;
  • Promote the introduction of contemporary science activities in schools;



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