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The POLAR STAR online course 2020 draws materials and is organized in the context of the POLAR STAR project which continues the development of the PLATON project methodology and adds-in high quality activities on Arctic research and Astronomy that cover both primary and secondary education. The overall goal of the course is twofold: a) to upgrade teachers’ current practices by introducing to them a seamless STEAM methodology, b) to introduce contemporary science achievements through activities that focus on Arctic Research and Astronomy.

More specifically, it will introduce to teachers how to: 

- switch from a teacher-centered approach to a student-centered approach
- teach all STEM disciplines through a seamless methodology that also incorporates artistic expression
- use an interdisciplinary approach to form their own STEM curriculum

The course is designed for teaching professionals in STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). Teachers of primary education can also attend the course. The maximum number of participants is 20. Participants need to speak and understand English and have a stable internet connection.

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The aim of this workshop was to introduce to participants the POLAR STAR methodology and learn how to use it to switch to more interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary student-centred teaching, not through ground-breaking changes in their teaching style but through a series of targeted, small and progressive changes. During the workshop participants learned how to use the proposed methodology along with its tools and materials and update their teaching style within their own timeframe and up to the point they feel comfortable doing so. The presentation of the methodology was done through concrete examples and interactive demonstrations that actively involved the participants. The main parts of the methodology that was presented were:

- Switching to a student-centred teaching style
- Introducing different versions of STEAM
- Achieving interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning
- Helping students find meaning in what they learn
-The workshop addressesed teachers of primary education and STEAM teachers of secondary education.

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The PLATON - POLAR STAR Summer School 2021 is the 4th PLATON summer school organized. On top of deploying the PLATON methodology which has been upgraded to a great degree during the POLAR STAR project, this year our summer school also drew inspiration from the POLAR STAR high quality activities on Arctic research and Astronomy that cover both primary and secondary education.

Its main objective was to introduce to teachers a seamless STEAM teaching approach along with all its separate components and a set of activities related to contemporary science achievements.

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The POLAR STAR workshop during the Conference aims to introduce to participants a complete methodology about interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary learning. Participants will be invited to collaborate and work in groups to carry out a series of hands-on activities to get a deeper understanding of the ‘Science WAND’ tool and the methodology presented. Hands-on activities will include the familiarization of participants with the ideas of interdisciplinary learning, inquiry learning and design thinking as well as how to introduce art practices like Personal Geography in their science class.

Saturday 23 Oct 2021, 13:30 – 15:30 CET

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The PLATON - POLAR STAR Summer School 2022 is the 5th PLATON summer school organized. Our team will introduce and train participants to use the complete methodology developed during the PLATON and POLAR STAR projects call WIIL(Ways for Inclusive and Interactive Learning). Along with WIIL participants will work on the complete POLAR STAR kit of educaitonal activities related to contemporary science achievements.

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POLAR STAR aims to bring together state-of-the-art learning pedagogies and combine them with exciting activities that focus on contemporary science, thus helping teachers to introduce STEAM successfully in their class. At the same time the project will focus on the development of students’ key skills and competences as well as deepening their knowledge of fundamental science principles, increasing their appreciation of science and technology and their role in todays’ societies. POLAR STAR aims to offer an open and innovative training framework to teachers of primary and secondary education which will focus on:

  • Promoting the 'Science as a Whole' concept;
  • Promoting a holistic STEM educational approach;
  • Promote the introduction of contemporary science activities in schools;



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