POLAR STAR launches a call for advisors and collaborators!

The POLAR STAR team is happy to invite you to become a POLAR STAR collaborator and advisor!

In POLAR STAR we value teachers’ opinions and expertise. We are eager to design tools and activities that are meaningful to them and are applicable in their class. To this end, we invite teachers to collaborate with us and to become collaborators, advisors and co-creators in the development of the project’s main outcomes:

Science as a whole

Participate in the developing of our ‘Science as a whole’ part of our methodology, which aims to introduce a seamless interdisciplinary teaching approach through concrete guidelines and the Science WAND, a tool which will allow teachers and students to identify meaningful connections between the concepts they learn.

STEAM Education

Be part of the team that will produce the ‘STEAM Education’ strand of our methodology. Our approach aims to facilitate teachers to incorporate all the components of STEAM in their teaching through different tools while also using inquiry and design thinking in the optimum way, not only during projects but also while teaching their own curriculum.

POLAR kit activities

Help us co-design and review our arctic research activities which will be part of our POLAR kit. 

STAR kit activities

Help us co-design and review our space activities which will be part of our STAR kit. 


How does it work?
The POLAR STAR kit methodology and kit of activities will be developed during the first year of the project. During the two following years, teachers will be invited to implement the developed materials. Teacher collaborators and advisors will be asked to review our design and approach and give us their feedback through online conversations or a written report. Teachers will also participate in participatory design conversations to gather feedback and record their needs and aspirations. All participating teachers will receive a certificate and their names will be added in the list of co-authors and contributors.

 Click here to register


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